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About Me

I’m Holden. I’m 36. I nanny by day and I’m a sugar scrub extraordinaire by night. I was born and raised in New Jersey. I have a very high appreciation for good cannolis and pizza. I love my job, my friends and my family. I take care of my mother who has advanced heart failure and stage 4 kidney failure. Last year, she had a heart attack and a stroke which caused her to permanently have expressive aphasia and she finds great joy in being my sugar scrub tester. Her favorite are the ones that smell like desserts.

Why I Got Started Making Scrubs

One evening, I was wide awake for some reason and decided I wanted to try and make a sugar scrub because I saw one while scrolling on facebook. My friends and family liked the outcome and so now here we are. I enjoy making them. It makes my whole house smell amazing. I hope you like them too! I have so many favorites so it’s hard to pick just one.

Take Me To The Store.


“I just received my lemon and eucalyptus scrubs and I am beyond impressed. My hands have been so dry and chapped from all the excessive hand washing and sanitizing. This scrub is going to do wonders for my skin. Thanks for a fabulous product Holden. Highly recommend!!” 

Renee - Tewksbury MA

“I just used my lemon scrub in the bath and HOLY MOLY....!!! Amazing!”

Lauren - Stoneham, MA

“I bought the Lavender Scrub and I’m in love, just simply amazing product through and through! It left my skin soft and smelling wonderful! I really can’t get over how amazingly fresh and natural the scrub smells. I will definitely be making plenty of more purchases!!!!! DEFINITELY A MUST BUY!!!!!!”

Nathaly - Malden, MA

“I’m using the lavender sugar scrub and I HIGHLY recommend!! Working at the hospital leaves my hands very dry and rough but this scrub leaves my hands hydrated and smooth! And it smells amazing!”

Anamarija - Manchester, NH

“Completely obsessed with my eucalyptus scrub! Working in healthcare during these challenging times has left my hands so dry— this scrub brings SO much relief. I couldn’t wait to get home to use it!! Love the real and fresh ingredients as well. I can’t wait to try more!!”

Ashley - North Andover, MA

“Loooooove this scrub!!! I got it in record speed to my house and it’s for sure at the highest quality and smells great!! Can’t wait to try them all!!!” 

DeAnne - Manchester, NH

“I received mine today! Great packaging! Thank you, they are awesome.”

Erica - Needham, MA

“As of late, I’ve been washing my hands quite frequently. Due to this, I’ve developed severe dry skin on the tops of my hands. The first time I started using the sugar scrub, I saw an immediate difference! Upping the usage to 2x per day has helped tremendously with my dry skin. The lemon lavender also serves as a great clean calming scent before bed!
Can’t wait to try other scents!”

Genevieve - Manchester, NH